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Villas Tlaquepaque we have wide and diverse spaces for you to do the activity that you like as swimming, play, read or just relax.


Our hotel is great for territorial extension that exist in the region, we have a privileged access to the beach of Lo de Marcos, restaurant, palapas, soccer, basketball, voli, playgrounds and grills service.


For your convenience, we have arranged two large pools, both have pool for your children to swim safely; the central pool also has a slide pirate ship shaped decorative cartoon figures, where we are confident that their children will spend endless hours of fun.


We know you like to feel free, so we have not spared spacious and comfortable, we have several palapas around the garden to spend some time with family.


Do not forget to visit our center rest outdoor palapa between basketball courts and football where we have installed a traditional Mexican hammocks where the sea breeze blows with typical tropical wet and windy in the region, giving a sense of peace and tranquility.


Villas Tlaquepaque borders a natural estuary which leads to the beach of Lo de Marcos, where a wide variety of birds and is also home to many species during the winter.


We have a 2-storey terrace we have called "the circle" from where you can admire the beautiful sunsets of the Mexican Pacific and is ideal for meetings. Villas Tlaquepaque also offers a special service for groups either for weddings, XV years, celebrations and / or excursions.


Of course with many spaces, parking is not a problem, as this is within the hotel and is offered at no extra charge to our guests.


In the restaurant you can taste the typical Nayarit cuisine, as well as international dishes court; well, this site serves as a stage for show visitors our folklore in celebration of Mexican nights and special holiday events that distinguish the Mexican culture.



We have free WIFI in our facilities.


Special prices for Hikers

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